Lakeside overview

Academic Overview

Our classroom provides evidence based practices to assist our students’ academic success.  Many of our students come with failing grades.  Though positive behavioral strategy and self-paced individuated lesson plans our students begin to gain confidence that result in higher grades.  Many of our students become caught up to grade level and some graduate high school.  Once this step occurs we begin working on general college classes.

Project-based Learning

We offer Project-based Learning as academic credit for our students.  Our Project-based Learning teaches practical skills that can be applied in the work force such as a strong work ethic, creating positive co-worker interactions, and interacting productively with supervisors, as well as general operations maintenance and facility upkeep.  After building a foundation of trust and respect, we begin to offer advanced project-based learning experiences.  These include marketing, production, business management, and other various opportunities based on the skills and interest of our students.

Online Schooling

We partner with My Online High School to provide curriculum to students.  By doing this we are able to provide expert teachers to help review and teach our students.  The classes are broken down into easy to manage lessons.  The student received a short video (5 – 7 minutes) followed by a short (5 – 7 questions) mastery quiz.  Our online schooling is intuitive and utilizes what is known as the ‘Swiss cheese’ method.  If a student is struggling with individual areas of learning then those areas are re-taught so that a student does not fall behind.  The curriculum is developed to meet multi-sensory learning styles.  We are also able to provide typical classes, AP classes, and Special Education classes.






A – Online high school is recognized and accredited through AdvancED.  Our academic supervisor is licensed through the State of Minnesota as a Special Education Academic Behavior Strategist.


A – Classes are offered online and are self-paced, with supervision.  Students spend approximately 2 1/2 hours daily on their core-curriculum classes such as English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Electives occur for an additional 4 ½ hours daily.